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Universally in Search of Something More

Luciana Mia Reynoso is a transmedia artist. In late 2010, after the death of her mother and incarceration of her father, Luciana Mia turned to art for mediation, healing, and focus.

In February of 2021, what began as a documentary photography experiment soon expanded. Inspired by the torrential nature of life, Luciana Mia’s evocative photography and paintings reflect their fierce commitment to truth and trust.

Luciana Mia’s lifeworlds are portals to freedom. Offering raw glimpses into the full scale of human emotion, this exhibits highlights what it means to be young, curious, and ravenous.

“Being pushed to your full limit is why we wake up every morning. In order to chase our dreams we must be daring enough for the ultimate risk. To do more. To see more. To feel more. Together, we are universally chasing our dreams in order to fulfill our collective purpose.”

Special thanks to Hannah Grossman, Daphney Villalona, Ashley Machin, Tayahna Talia Walcott, Karina Avdiievska, Leann Angelica Maldonado, and Kayaira Sherrod.